Ancillary Items for Installing Multifoil Insulation

One effective and adaptable way to insulate buildings is through the use of Multifoil Insulation. This method acts as a shield against heat transfer, ultimately leading to a reduction in energy use. Its composition comprises multiple layers of reflective foil or aluminium foil, accompanied by wadding, foam, or a bubble membrane. This combination effectively reflects radiant heat, resulting in a cooler indoor environment during summer and a warmer one during winter. We stock a wide variety of ancillary items for installing multifoil insulation.

What is Required to Install Multifoil Insulation? 

To ensure a smooth installation process, it is important to have the appropriate tools and materials when working with Multifoil Insulation. At Multifoils Direct, we offer a variety of these supplies in our DIY Insulation Kits and also the Trade Pallet Deals. 

Multifoil Fitting Kit

The Multifoil Fitting Kit contains all the necessary items for any size insulation project. The kit comes equipped with a Heavy Duty Staple Gun Kit, 5,000 14mm Staples, Multifoil Insulation Scissors, as well as a Cutting Knife with extra blades. 

Thermaseal Foil Joining Tape 

Thermaseal Foil Joining Tape is made from True Aluminium foil. It has been specifically designed to be compatible with all types of Multifoil Insulation materials. Combining it with YBS SuperQuilt, EcoQuilt Expert, as well as AirTec Double will create a vapour control barrier. The tape is available in a single size of 75mm x 50m, which is the recommended width for sealing overlaps and edges during the installation of Multifoil Insulation. 

Heavy Duty Staple Gun Kit

A high-quality Staple Gun can greatly accelerate the installation process. Along with the Staple Gun, you will also be provided with 5,000 14mm Staples that are capable of penetrating various types of multifoil insulation and securing it to the rafters, joists, and floorboards underneath. 

FastFix Multifoil Screws

Our FastFix Multifoil Screws are suitable for use with our range of Multifoil Insulation products. These screws feature a unique sawtooth pattern that has been specifically developed to prevent the wooden battens from splitting during installation. 

FastFix Conservatory Screws 

The FastFix Conservatory Screws have been specifically designed to attach the initial 25mm batten onto the uPVC frame and into the aluminium frame inside. The addition of the battens guarantees optimal performance of the Multifoil Insulation by creating an air gap. These screws are also already provided with the Conservatory Insulation Kit. 

Multifoil Insulation Scissors

Multifoil Scissors

The process of cutting through thicker insulation, such as YBS SuperQuilt, which is composed of True Aluminium Foil and wadding, can blunt a pair of scissors. To address this issue, we stock the Multifoil Insulation Scissors. Which are durable and capable of cutting through various types of insulation effortlessly. 

Thermaseal Weatherproof Tape

The Thermaseal Weatherproof Tape is specifically made for the installation of YBS BreatherQuilt. It is completely weather resistant, making it an ideal choice for sealing the vertical butt joints of the pitched roof with BreatherQuilt. 

Thermaseal Double Sided Tape

The Thermaseal Double-Sided Tape is a versatile ancillary product. It is frequently utilised in conjunction with the YBS BreatherQuilt for pitched roof installation. It is also commonly used alongside the EcoTec Floor-Foam Insulation Kit to secure the installation onto the concrete floor. 

Floor Pipe Clips

Floor Pipe Clips make it possible to recess Multifoil Insulation by 54mm. Which creates an air cavity and maximising the performance of the Multifoil Insulation. These clips are also designed to secure underfloor heating pipes. 

Saddle Clips

RadiFloor 3

Saddle Clips were specifically made to create an air cavity on both sides of the insulation to achieve maximum performance from your Multifoil Insulation. These clips come in two different depths, 54mm as well as 27mm, depending on the air cavity required. 


Here at Multifoils Direct, we provide a wide range of ancillary items that can help facilitate a hassle-free installation of Multifoil Insulation. By purchasing £500 or more plus VAT, you will have the option to select a complimentary gift during checkout. The available options include a Thermaseal Foil Joining Tape, a Heavy Duty Staple Gun Kit, Multifoil Insulation Scissors, and Thermaseal Double-Sided Tape.