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Loft Floor Insulation Kit

Loft Floor Insulation Kit

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Upgrade Your Loft Insulation

Our Loft Floor Insulation Kit reflects around 97% of radiant heat into your home, saving you masses of energy – which would usually be lost with traditional material.

It replaces the need for any Itchy Fibre Glass and enables you to insulate, without raising the floor height and losing valuable space. The insulation supplied is; EcoQuilt Expert is also itch-free and will not shrink over time, unlike traditional loft floor insulation like Rockwool.

Within our Loft Insulation Kit – you receive EcoQuilt Expert which is just 6mm thick when compressed. The material used; EcoQuilt is equivalent to around 100mm of fiberglass. Its shallow depth makes it extremely easy to install.

You will also not need any protective clothing or masks you don’t need to be an ‘expert’ to install it – we have useful guides and videos that enable you to take on the project yourself.

This Loft Floor Insulation Kit includes;

Watch our How-To Video Below to see how easy it is to install 1 or 2 layers of EcoQuilt on your Loft Floor without raising the height of your Loft Boards.

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expand_circle_down How-To Videos

How To Insulate your Loft Floor Without Fibre Glass

expand_circle_down How-To Guides

How to Insulate Your Loft Floor Without Using Fibreglass

  1. Remove Existing Fibreglass / Wool Insulation

    Removing the existing loft insulation, such as wool / fibreglass. We would advise that you use a mask and protective clothing to avoid irritating your skin. Also try to remove any dirt, just to make a the taping step (layer) a little easier.

  2. Start the Install

    Measure the first length, you can insulate either horizontally or vertically - whatever is best. When you have measured the first length - cut the EcoQuilt so it is manageable and roll it over the joists. You can cut the EcoQuilt Expert Provided by using either our mulitoil scissors or a cutting knife - Both are available in our Multifoil Fitting Kit. When you run your next strip, just ensure that you have overlapped the insulation material by 50mm.

  3. Air Cavity Required

    You need an air cavity either side of our product, the optimimum is 25mm. If you are not boarding over the insulation, you can simply just staple directly on to the joists. This way you will have a cavity either side. If you are boarding the loft floor, post insulation. You will need to recess the EcoQuilt so that you are stapling the insulation on to the side of the joists. This will provide you with an air gap behind the board. If your joists are only shallow, you will need to install a batten on your insulation before boarding to create the cavity.

  4. Staple

    Staple the Insulation, at 300mm intervals. We do supply the Staple Gun Kit, which includes 5,000 of our 14mm staples - this is included in our Loft Floor Insulation Kit as standard.

  5. Taping & Sealing

    Now you just need to seal around all of the edges and joints, to make sure that you have created a vapour control layer. This prevents any cold air entering and helps to keep an ambient internal temperature.

  6. Installing Loft Board

    Once 1 Layer of EcoQuilt is installed and tape, and you have created an air gap either by recessing or installing battens, you are ready for the installation of loft boards (if you wish to board). These can be screwed directly into the joists.

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  1. Shane L

    Great product, did the work. Easy to install in my loft space. Staplegun was very sturdy.

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expand_circle_down Specification
Thickness 15mm (5mm Compressed)
Roll Coverage15m²
Core R-value0.93m²K/W
Roof R-value1.83m²K/W
Wall R-value2.27m²K/W
Floor R-valueup to 5.56m²K/W
Foil Emissivity0.05
Water Vapour Resistance600MNs/g
expand_circle_down Q&As

Do I need any specific PPE to complete this job?

No, you don’t need any protective clothing, masks, or safety goggles as there are no harmful fibres in the insulation. However, if you’re removing any fibreglass before laying the multifoil insulation we do recommend using a mask and gloves because it can irritate your skin and lungs.

Can I double up on the insulation?

Yes, you can do 2 layers of insulation as long as you recess the first layer into the joists and staple it in place then layer the second layer over the top of the joists.

Do I need to batten over the top of the insulation?

Yes, you should always batten over the top, so the insulation has room to expand. It will also give you a solid structure to board over the insulation.

Do I need to tape and seal around the edges?

Yes, this is what helps it give the best thermal performance. It’ll stop any cold draughts from entering your home and prevent any warm air from escaping.

What’s the best way to cut the insulation?

The insulation is really easy to cut with a pair of scissors or a knife. If you look at the top of the website, there’s a section that says, ‘Things You’ll Need’ Here you can find our Multifoil insulation scissors.

expand_circle_down Data Sheets

How To Video

Key Features

  • Equivalent to around 100mm of fibre glass
  • Thin and Flexible – Easy to Install
  • Lightweight
  • Can be used in joists as shallow as 50mm
  • No harmful floating materials compared to traditional loft insulation
  • Can be installed without raising your floor height
  • Reflects 97% radiant energy back into your home
  • Low Emissivity Foils
  • UK Manufactured – Ecohome Insulation Logo