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Your Ultimate Insulation Buying Guide

Not sure what you need for your project? This tool will help you decide - step by step with instant results!

Insulation Buying Guide

We know picking the perfect product for your project isn't always straight forward. Use the tool below to find out exactly what you need with our quick, simple, step by step process. If you need further advice, please don't hesitate to get in touch!

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Where would you like to Insulate?

Are you insulating within your home such as the roof, loft, walls or floors? Or are you trying to improve the efficiency of an external space such as a garage, conservatory, caravan or garden room / shed?

For your project we recommend...

EcoQuilt Expert - Multifoil Insulation

Available Sizes: 1.2x10m (12m2) or 1.5mx10m (15m2)

EcoQuilt Expert is a versatile 15mm Multifoil Insulation suitable for a variety of applications. This UK manufactured product works out as the best value multifoil when comparing cost vs performance! EcoQuilt Expert is equivalent to approx 100mm of Mineral Wool and is available in 2 roll sizes!

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YBS SuperQuilt - Multifoil Insulation

Available Sizes: 1.2x10m (12m2) / 1.5mx10m (15m2) / 1.5mx2.4m (3.6m2)

YBS SuperQuilt is the highest performing certified multifoil in the UK. SuperQuilt is certified for use in roofs, walls and floors and includes a built-in Vapour Control Layer to help reduce condensation. This UK manufactured product consists of 19 layers and is available in 3 different roll sizes!

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YBS BreatherQuilt - TLX Gold Alternative

Available Sizes: 1.2x10m (12m2)

YBS BreatherQuilt is a 2-in-1 insulating, breathable quilt for over rafters on pitched roofs. This UK manufactured multifoil also includes a breather membrane to reduce condensation and allows air and moisture movement. BreatherQuilt is fully accredited by LABC & BDA to achieve a variety of U-values.

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Triple Layer 0.18 Re-Roof Kit

Available Sizes: 12m2 / 24m2 / 36m2 / 48m2 / 60m2 / 72m2

Achieve building regulations of 0.18 with our 3 Layer Re-Roof System! Suitable for pitched roofs, this system removes the requirement for using bulky insulation such as Kingspan or Celotex. Our combination of SuperQuilt and BreatherQuilt will save significant installation time, alongside cost and head-height!

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YBS BreatherFoil for Walls

Available Sizes: 1.35mx25m / 1.35mx50m

YBS BreatherFoil FR is a reflective venting membrane to be used on the external of Timber Frames. Adding BreatherFoil will help protect the timber frame from the elements, alongside adding thermal benefits to improve the U-value. This UK manufactured is also fire retardant to help prevent or slow the spread of fire.

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Loft Floor Insulation Kit

Available Sizes: 15m2 / 30m2 / 45m2 / 60m2 / 75m2

Insulation your loft floor in less space with our high performance Loft Floor Insulation Kit! Replace the itchy loft insulation with our high performance, 15mm multifoil. 1 Layer will equate to approx 100mm of Mineral Wool, and is also totally free of itchy and harmful fibres!

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Timber Frame Insulation Kit

Available Sizes: 33m2 / 66m2 / 99m2

Insulate your Timber Frame to building regulations with our two part insulation system! Includes SuperQuilt for the internal, and BreatherFoil FR for the external. Our systems means no additional Rigid Insulation boards are required, such as Kingspan or Celotex. Our detail is proven to save significantly on cost & installation time!

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EcoTec Floor-Foam Insulation Kit

Available Sizes: 1.25x25m

Our best selling solution. Insulate under carpets, laminate and timber floors using EcoTec FloorFoam! Floor-Foam is a 4mm dense foam membrane with a reflective foil both sides. Our UK manufactured material is suitable for insulating over timber or concrete floors, before proceeding with your choice of flooring.

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YBS FloorQuilt

Available Sizes: 1.5mx10m

YBS FloorQuilt is a 6mm, 13 layer multifoil designed to be installed on concrete floors prior to screed being installed. Our UK manufactured product is equivalent to approx 18mm Rigid Insulation Board, meaning significant savings on space can be made. You can also use additional layers for improved insulation benefits!

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EcoPro Garage Insulation Kit

Insulate the roof and walls of your garage!

Convert your garage into a fully-insulated usable space with our Garage Insulation Kit! Included is insulation for roofs, walls and floors which will help to retain heat and reduce condensation. Whether you wish to convert your garage into a gym or workshop, this is the solution for you!

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Conservatory Roof Insulation Kit

Available Sizes: 15m2 Kit / 30m2 Kit

Convert your unused Conservatory into a multi-purpose space all year round! Insulation the roof of your conservatory with our reflective Multifoil Insulation product, including additional fixing items. Our materials will help keep the space cooler in summer, warmer in winter, and reduce rain noise too!

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Insulated Shipping Container Liners

Available for a variety of shipping container sizes and materials.

Our Insulated Shipping Container liner offers a quick to install, cost effective solution to protect your sensitive goods from moisture and condensation. Our insulation can be used when the container is static, or when the container is during shipment. All the items are made to measure, for a speedy installation!

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EcoPro Hot Tub Insulation Kit

Available Sizes: 12m2 Kit / 24m2 Kit

Insulation your Hot Tub using our highly reflective Multifoil Insulation material! Our quick to install, cost effective system will help maintain a higher temperature, meaning significant savings can be made on heating and energy. Our UK manufactured material also comes with additional fixing items!

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EcoPro Caravan Insulation Kit

Available Sizes: 15m2 Kit / 30m2 Kit / 45m2 Kit / 60m2 Kit / 75m2 Kit / 90m2 Kit

Insulate the underside of your caravan floor with our Multifoil Insulation Kit. Including all the fixing items, our UK Manufactured product will help to retain radiant energy and prevent heat loss and draft. Our 15mm multifoil is simplistic to install and equates to approx 100mm Mineral Wool.

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EcoTec Shed Insulation Kit

Available Sizes: 37.5m2 Kit / 52.5m2 Kit

Our most cost effective solution for insulating your shed or garden building! Including all the fixing items, our UK Manufactured product will help to retain heat and prevent condensation and mould in your shed. Available in two different size rolls with fast nationwide delivery!

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EcoPro Shed Insulation Kit

Available Sizes: 15m2 Kit / 30m2 Kit / 45m2 Kit / 60m2 Kit / 75m2 Kit / 90m2 Kit

Our best selling, and highest performing solution for insulating your shed or garden building! Our 15mm multifoil equates to 100mm Mineral Wool, and works by retaining and reflecting heat. Including all the fixing items, our UK manufactured product is designed for all year round use, including garden offices and gyms!

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EcoPro Under Rafter Insulation Kit

Available Sizes: 15m2 Kit / 30m2 Kit / 45m2 Kit / 60m2 Kit / 75m2 Kit

Ecohome Insulation have created an easy to install, highly effective EcoPro Under Rafter Insulation Kit. When installed on your Loft Ceiling (Otherwise referred to in the trade as Under Rafters) it reduces heat loss and consequently reduces your heating bills!

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