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ThermaFrost Conservatory Roof Window Tint

ThermaFrost Conservatory Roof Window Tint

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Opaque Window Film for Conservatories

ThermaFrost Conservatory Window Tint is commonly installed before fitting the  Multifoil Insulation onto Glass Conservatory Roof Windows.

This has been designed to fit onto Glass Conservatory Roofs which provides an opaque, aesthetically pleasing finish to the roof. It also prevents the insulation from being seen from the window panels, whilst reducing sun glare too!

Our Conservatory Roof Window Tint Kit includes the following;

  • ThermaFrost – Conservatory Window Tint 760mm x 30m (22.8m²) OR 1520mm x 30m  (45.6m²)
  • Rubber / Plastic Squeegee
  • Cutting Knife with Extra Blades
  • Spray Bottle
  • 4 x Microfibre Cloths
  • Next Working Day Delivery (To UK Mainland)

We recommend reading the fixing instructions in full before proceeding with the installation of the permafrost.

If you have any questions or would prefer to order via phone – feel free to request a Call Me Back Here and one of our team members will call you within one hour!

ThermaFrost Is Created and Designed By Multifoil’s Direct. 

This is a complimentary product that is commonly ordered at the same time as our High-Performance Multifoil Insulation Kits. You can order this plus your Conservatory Insulation Kit – at the lowest trade prices, in the UK.

Order online at the lowest Online Prices before 2 pm and receive delivery the Next Working Day to the UK Mainland.


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Free Gifts Include Thermaseal Foil Joining Tape, Heavy Duty Staple Gun Kit, Multifoil Insulation Scissors or Thermaseal Double Sided Tape.

*ThermaFrost is designed for Clean, Flat Glass Window Panels either vertically or horizontally we would recommend against installing onto any polycarbonate surfaces.

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Is there any preparation required, prior to installing this?

The area should be completely free from particles of dirt. Failure to remove dirt will cause it to trap behind the film. Although we appreciate airborne dust may get beneath, this will be minimal and will not impact the performance – but do ensure you remove any visible dirt / dust prior to starting. You can use 1 tablespoon of washing up liquid to every 1 pint of cold water to wash the glass, then squeegee dry.

How do I apply the Film?

Cut the film to size (but make it a little wider and longer) using the knife provided in the kit / scissors. You should spray the window and the adhesive surface generously and place the film on the wet glass. The adhesive side should be in contact with the class. It is essential that you keep the film taut and straight, you want the film to be straight and not to wrinkle as its very difficult to flatten it once applied.

Is there a trick to using the squeegee to secure the film?

Spray the film with your solution, do your first stroke horizontally across the window. The next stroke should be downwards, further strokes should go downwards working away from the first.

At what point should I trim the film down, given we are advised to make it a little bigger pre applying?

After you have squeegeed the film, you should then use the knife provided. Trim the excess away and then squeegee again, applying firm pressure. At this point you can also focus on firmly pushing down all of the edges too.

What do you do if you accidentally trap a particle behind?

Life the film carefully from the corner and remove it before replacing the film. Ensure when replacing that you use sufficient solution before replacing the film.

When should I apply my Tint Kit?

We do not recommend installing the Tint Kit on a day when the temperatures are below freezing, or when there is direct sunlight shining in.

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Key Features

  • Gives An Aesthetically Pleasing Finish
  • Colour: White Frost
  • Perfect When Installing Multifoil Insulation Materials
  • Reflects 30% Of Solar Glare
  • Doesn’t Fade After Time
  • Prevents UV Light
  • Applied Internally
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