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Conservatory Insulation Kit

Conservatory Insulation Kit

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Use Your Conservatory All Year Round!

We all know too well that Conservatories can be too hot in the Summer and too cold in the Winter. This does not need to be the case. Our Conservatory Insulation Kit will retain heat in the Winter and reflect the warm away in the Summer. The Insulation Kit, therefore provides you with a comfortable living space, for use all year round!

Choose from either EcoQuilt Expert or YBS SuperQuilt to effectively insulate your Conservatory Roof, at the lowest trade pricing available.

EcoQuilt Expert is a 6-layer Multifoil that compresses down to approximately 6mm between 2 x 25mm battens. This is equivalent to around 50mm of Rigid Board Insulation such as a Kingspan.

YBS SuperQuilt is a 19-layer Multifoil Insulation, with true aluminium outer layers. This is the highest performing fully certificated Multifoil on the market. It compresses to around 10mm and equates to around 80mm of Rigid Board Insulation, such as Celotex.

What is included in our Conservatory Insulation Kit?

EcoQuilt Expert and YBS SuperQuilt both have a Vapour Control Layer when fully taped up and sealed – with our ThermaSeal Foil Joining Tape eliminating any condensation issues.

Why Choose Us?

  • We are the leading distributors of Conservatory Insulation in the UK.
  • We have everything you need, be that ‘How to Videos‘ and ‘How to Guides‘ – These help so you can see just how easy it is to install our Conservatory Insulation Kit, in your home.
  • We have a team of technical experts, who are just a phone call or email away should you need any assistance.
  • Thousands of 5* Trust Pilots, both praising the service and the products.
  • We offer a Next Working Day Delivery, to anywhere in the UK Mainland when ordered online before 2 pm.

What else might you like, to transform your conservatory?

  • We also offer a Tint Kit, which is recommended for those of you who are insulating the underside of a glass conservatory roof. The purpose of a tint is to reduce the UV rays from the sun accessing the cavity between the glass and the reflective foil. It also provides an aesthetically pleasing finish from the outside too.
  • You may wish to finish with a uPVC Internal Cladding. We have created a ConservaClad Roof Kit so you can complete this too!

Spend £500 + VAT and Choose a FREE GIFT at the checkout!

Free Gifts Include Thermaseal Foil Joining Tape, Heavy Duty Staple Gun Kit, Multifoil Insulation Scissors, or Thermaseal Double-Sided Tape.

Need Assistance?

We are here to help! You can get in touch if you want any advise, need help calculating etc. Just get in touch via our Contact Us Page.

expand_circle_down How-To Videos

How To Insulate and Clad your Conservatory

expand_circle_down How-To Guides

How to Insulate Your Conservatory

  1. Installing ThermaFrost (Glass Only)

    If the Conservatory Roof has a glass roof, we recommend the use of ThermaFrost Window Tint. The material will create a white opaque finish which will add privacy and also reduce sun glare. To view full installation details of this product, please visit the data sheet on the product page.

  2. Install Timber Battens

    Install 25mm deep battens onto the UPVC beams. These are screwed onto the beams using the 50mm FastFix Conservatory Screws found in the Conservatory Kit.

  3. Staple Multifoil Insulation

    Next, staple either SuperQuilt or EcoQuilt Expert directly onto the battens at 300mm intervals. You will receive a Heavy Duty Staple Gun & 5,000 14mm staples in the Conservatory Insulation Kit.

  4. Taping & Sealing Multifoil

    Ensure all Insulation joints are overlapped by a minimum of 50mm. Ensure overlaps are fully taped and sealed using Thermaseal Foil Joining Tape. This will ensure the product acts as a high performing vapour control layer, eliminating the risk of condensation. SuperQuilt & EcoQuilt can be easily cut using Multifoil Scissors or a Cutting Knife - Both available in our Multifoil Fitting Kit.

  5. Installing Counter Battens

    Once the Insulation products are fully taped, sealed and overlapped, proceed with installing 25mm deep counter battens. Ensure battens are also installed around the perimeter for your internal boarding.

  6. Install Internal Boarding / More Commonly ConservaClad (uPVC Cladding)

    To finish, either Plasterboard or ConservaClad (uPVC Plastic Cladding) can be installed as the internal layer. ConservaClad is the most popular internal finish in conservatories! If plaster boarding, plasterboard is then screwed into the battens in the usual manner. We would recommend using a 9mm Plasterboard as this will keep the weight down.

  7. Enjoy your new Conservatory!

    Enjoy your revived Conservatory all year round! The conservatory will keep cooler in the summer, warmer in the winter, and also significantly reduce rain noise.

expand_circle_down Reviews
  1. Tom F

    Absolutely brilliant would highly recommend

  2. Ryan G

    Great kit. I went for the superkit, however wish i went for ecokit as superquilt seems a little overkill

  3. Connor A

    Very good kit, would definitely recommend.

  4. Philip E (verified owner)

    Very light and easy to use. You can feel the difference as you use it, it’s hot work installing on your own.
    I have seen similar products at half the price but they have not felt anywhere near as good as this product.only winter now will tell.

  5. Scott Denney (verified owner)

  6. Michael Smith (verified owner)

  7. Roger Gazzard (verified owner)

    Excellent product and service

  8. Kay hartshorne (verified owner)

    Great product

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expand_circle_down Specification
EcoKit Roll Length10m
EcoKit Roll Width1.5m
EcoKit Roll Thickness 15mm (5mm Compressed)
EcoKit Roll Layers6
SuperKit Roll Length10m
SuperKit Roll Width1.5m
SuperKit Roll Thickness40mm (10mm Compressed)
SuperKit Roll Layers19
EcoKit Roof R-value1.83m²K/W
SuperKit Roof R-value2.5m²K/W
expand_circle_down Q&As

Do you need to use the ThermaFrost Tint?

ThermaFrost Tint will help protect the insulation from sun damage because it helps prevent 60% of UV rays from getting through. It also gives a white opaque look to the roof of your conservatory rather than seeing the silver foil through the glass. ThermaFrost is not suitable for plastic or polycarbonate roofs, but we do recommend installing this on glass conservatories.

Do you need to batten before installing the insulation?

The insulation works best with a 25mm gap between the glass of the conservatory and the insulation. The insulation will expand into the space, so you get full benefits from the insulation.

Will the Insulation make the Conservatory warmer during the summer?

No, it will do the opposite and will reflect the heat away from the conservatory, so it stays cooler instead of getting warmer during the summer.

Is this insulation lightweight enough?

Depending on which product is used, the weight is between 400g to 800g per m², making it very lightweight and will not cause any problems to the structure of the conservatory roof. If you are concerned about weight on the roof, you may consider a lightweight plastic cladding for the internal finish.

What battens do you recommend?

We recommend treated 25mm x 25mm timber battens either side of our insulation.

Will it prevent rain noise?

Insulating with our multifoil followed by internal boarding will create a much quieter room.

What is the best internal finish for Conservatories?

We recommend installing ConservaClad - which is a uPVC White Plastic Cladding. It is lightweight and easy to install. You will be able to view this product above! You can should you wish install plasterboard too.

expand_circle_down Data Sheets

How To Video

Key Features

  • Lightweight, Thin and Flexible
  • High Performing MultiFoil’s
  • Creates a Usable Conservatory
  • High Performing built in Vapour Control Layer
  • DIY Kit that is very cost effective
  • Significantly cheaper than a New Roof
  • Warmer in Winter and Cooler in Summer
  • UK Manufactured
  • Easy to Install Logo