SuperQuilt Solid Floor

YBS SuperQuilt is commonly used to insulate existing solid floors. It is a popular solutions due to it being a simple and quick installation. SuperQuilt is also LABC & BDA certified for floating floor applications.

How to Insulate your Solid Floor with YBS SuperQuilt

First you will need to ensure that your concrete floor is completely clean and debris free. Then, lay YBS SuperQuilt out flat along the concrete floor.

Ensure you leave enough material spare (75mm lip) so that it can tuck behind the skirting. Fully tape and seal using genuine Thermaseal Foil Joining Tape.

Timber joists/battens (minimum 50mm by 80mm) should be then laid on top of the SuperQuilt. These should be spaced and centres to suit the particular flooring to provide a clear cavity.

Timber decking is then fixed with screws (screw at every 200mm centres) providing 25mm penetration into timber battens/joists.

If you have a suspended timber floor – pop over to the designated page for that particular application by  Clicking here.

If you need to achieve a Bespoke U-value – Simply visit our trusted trade distributors, Multifoil Insulation. They have a free and instant online U-value Calculator.

If there is no requirement to achieve a specific U-value and you are looking to insulate your solid timber floor but are unable to use timber battens as space is a premium, we have an alternative product. This product designed for this application is our EcoTec FloorFoam. FloorFoam would be installed directly onto the solid floor, fully taped and sealed and then install your desired flooring finish such as Carpet, Laminate, Wood & Vinyl.

Another option for those of you who do not need to achieve a specific U-value is to use our most popular and cost effective multifoil insulation EcoQuilt Expert .  This would be installed in the same manner as YBS SuperQuilt.

You will notice on the U-value table, the U-value achieved is determined by your P/A ratio, below is an example of how to calculate your P/A ratio for your timber floor project;

  • Floor Area in m² = 100m²
  • Perimeter of walls exposed to outside areas in m = 60m
  • 60 Divided by 100 = 0.60
  • P/A Ratio = 0.6