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Insulation Solutions

Here you will find technical information relating to how you can use SuperQuilt Insulation in your project. SuperQuilt Insulation is the highest performing EN certified multifoil insulation on the market and boasts from 19 layers of True aluminium foil and wadding. It also acts as a high performing vapour control layer in Roofs and Walls. YBS SuperQuilt is commonly used to insulate Pitched Roofs, Flat Roofs, Solid Walls, Timber Framed Walls and Suspended or Floating Floors. We detail how SuperQuilt can be used in each of the above applications. SuperQuilt the perfect one stop solution to meet your target U-Value, regardless of the application. YBS SuperQuilt is fully BBA and BDA certified for Building Control, which can be used in Renovations, extensions, and new builds. If you cannot find your exact solution, you can check out our Free and Easy to use Online U-Value Calculator.

Feel free to head over to our trusted distributor to use their U-value calculator to find insulation solutions perfect for your needs.

Roofing Solutions

Re-Roofing Complete Systems

YBS SuperQuilt and YBS BreatherQuilt are fully LABC & BDA certified products to be used in re-roofing systems. SuperQuilt Insulation's solutions can assist in achieving U-values in new build and refurbishment / extension projects. View Installation Guide

Conservatory Roof

YBS SuperQuilt Multifoil Insulation is frequently used to the internal of conservatory roofs. Multifoils such as SuperQuilt & EcoQuilt Expert will help retain 98% of radiant energy compared to if there was no insulation barrier and just the existing glass/polycarb roof. View Installation Guide

Flat Roof

YBS SuperQuilt Multifoil Insulation is LABC & BDA certified for the use in Flat Roof projects. It is accepted for use both internal of the joists and also external of the joists, depending on if a cold or warm roof detail is desired. Most commonly, SuperQuilt is stapled internally before the plasterboard is installed to reduce head height & overall costs. View Installation Guide

Pitched Roof

YBS SuperQuilt Multifoil Insulation is fully LABC, BDA and BBA certified for insulating pitched roofs. It is most often used to the internal side of the rafters before the plasterboard is installed to reduce head height and save on costs. View Installation Guide

Wall Solutions

Garden Rooms

YBS SuperQuilt and EcoQuilt Expert are very popular choices when deciding which product to insulate Garden Rooms, Summerhouses, Sheds and other timber/concrete buildings. View Installation Guide

External Wall Insulation

YBS SuperQuilt is also LABC & BDA certified for insulating the external side of solid walls. Insulating with SuperQuilt on the outer section of solid brick walls is a cost effective solution and keeps the build-up to a nominal thickness. View Installation Guide

Timber Frame

YBS SuperQuilt has been proven to save on labour time, cost and space - in timber frame buildings. It is most commonly applied to the internal side of timber studs before the plasterboard and it incorporates a high performance vapour barrier. View Installation Guide

Dry Lining

YBS SuperQuilt is the ideal solution for insulating the internal of solid brickwork and concrete block walls. SuperQuilt is fully certified for the use in dry linings and commonly achieves refurbishment regulations without additional insulation. View Installation Guide

Floor Solutions

Crawl Space

YBS SuperQuilt is the superior insulation material to use when installing underneath a crawl space. It will often achieve building regulations stand alone and reduce installation time significantly compared to rigid boards. View Installation Guide

Solid Existing Floor

YBS SuperQuilt is a commonly used solution to insulate existing solid floors due to a simple and quick installation. SuperQuilt is LABC & BDA certified for floating floor applications. View Installation Guide

Suspended Timber Floor

YBS SuperQuilt is fully LABC & BDA certified for use in Suspended Timber Floors. SuperQuilt will often achieve building regulations stand alone without any other materials required. View Installation Guide

Need Further Help?

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