How to achieve 0.18 U-value – Solid Walls

How to achieve 0.18 U-value – Solid Walls

Do you have an upcoming project going through building regulations? If you are seeking acceptance from building control, it is likely you have been asked to achieve a 0.18 U-value for your walls. Hitting this figure can be simple, however can be much more difficult with cost and space restraints.

SuperQuilt Insulation installed on a Solid Wall

YBS SuperQuilt – Wall Application

Understanding U-values

U-values measures the level of heat transfer through a structure. It is a sum of all the layers thermal R-values (Thermal resistance) that makes up that part of the building. For example a roof has a U-value, a window has a U-value, a wall has a U-value, and so on.

Achieving a U-value is often crucial, as there is a minimum expectation to achieve building regulations.

Target U-values for 2024

Approved Document Part L has been updated in relation to U-values, heat gain and heat loss. The new target U-values came into play June 2022. More information on Part L can be found at the following link on the UK government website – See Data Source.

New for 2023 – U-value requirements for existing dwellings

Application Current U-value
Roof (Flat Roofs & Pitched Roofs) 0.15
Wall 0.18
Floor 0.18

Types of Solid Walls

In the building trade, it is fair to say there are many terms and expressions, often relating to the same thing. Solid Walls, often being branded as Dry Lining, include the following wall types;

  • Brick Walls
  • Block & Render Walls
  • Concrete Walls
  • Cavity Wall – Brick & Block
  • and many more

The type of wall may affect the U-value achieved in a negative or positive way, for clarification, feel free to contact us or request a U-value.

Recommended Product

Multifoils Direct’s recommended product for insulating solid walls is YBS SuperQuilt. SuperQuilt is a 19 layer multifoil certified for a variety of wall types. It’s thin, flexible and extremely high performing for it’s thickness (40mm relaxed, 7mm compressed)

Below are some of YBS SuperQuilt’s key benefits;

  • Fully Certified – BDA & BBA
  • Built-in Vapour Control Layer
  • UK Manufactured
  • Itch free and floating fibre free
  • Class E surface spread of flame
  • Made from 83% recycled materials

A key benefit of SuperQuilt is that in brick or block walls, SuperQuilt can be used without any Rigid PIR Insulation (such as Kingspan or Celotex)

YBS SuperQuilt for Walls & Roofs

YBS SuperQuilt for Walls & Roofs

Installation method for 0.18 U-value

Our recommendation for achieving this popular U-value is using a double layer of YBS SuperQuilt. This detail is a proven space saver, and will provide incredible cost savings vs Insulated Plasterboard.

Below you will find the recommended build-up for this detail;

  • Build-up from External to Internal
  • Solid Wall – E.g. Brick, Block, Stone
  • 25mm Vertical Batten
  • 1st Layer SuperQuilt stapled taut to battens (7mm compressed)
  • 38mm Horizontal Batten
  • 2nd Layer SuperQuilt staples taut to battens (7mm compressed)
  • 25mm Vertical Batten
  • Standard 12.5mm Plasterboard Finish
  • U-value Achieved – 0.18 U-value
  • Total space lost, from internal wall to finished plasterboard = 114.5mm
How to achieve a 0.18 U-value on Walls

Double Layer SuperQuilt on Solid Walls – To achieve 0.18 U-value

Require approval from Building Control?

You can download the proposed detail for 0.18 using SuperQuilt from out website for free! We recommend to download the above bespoke calculation from our Online U-value Calculator. After answering just a few simple steps, our website will email over this bespoke calculation in PDF format, to be forwarded over to your building control officer for acceptance.

We also have many solutions using SuperQuilt for Timber Frames & Dwarf Walls.

Looking to insulate a roof or floor? Multifoils-Direct have over 1,000 U-value calculations for a range of applications. So if you’re looking to renovate a property, or build a new home, there is a solution for you!

Struggling to find the perfect calculation for your project? If so, please request a U-value on our Contact Form!
Once you have completed the request, our helpful team shall email over a bespoke specification alongside a quote at our lowest trade prices.

Delivery Schedule

Multifoil’s Direct offer SuperQuilt at the lowest trade prices, with next-working day delivery!

You can purchase as individual rolls, or as fully packaged Trade Pallet Deals.

See below links to order both online with next-working day delivery;

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All build-ups and suggestions are provided in good faith. Our recommend details should be double checked with building control before committing to a purchase. The U-value table is a guide, and your desired target U-value is to be advised from your building inspector. Please check the calculations for correct air-gaps and battens. Multifoils-Direct cannot be held responsible for any losses financially or physically from advice provided on this webpage