Familiarising yourself with U Values

We are here to help you familiarise yourself with U-Values.

To do this, we will detail when you may need to consider U-Values, what a U-Value is and ultimately how we can help you achieve a specific U-Value.

So, when do you need to consider U-values?

Simply, if you are undergoing a building project, whether that be altering or extending an existing property or constructing a new build – you MAY need to satisfy the building regulators. If you are unsure, simply look whether you need a building regulations application. If you do, it is important to abide.

How can we help you satisfy building control?

We can help you with that by giving you exactly what you need to show the regulators, as we have a calculator that details the product makeup you will require to achieve a U-Value.

We can then supply you with the products that are BDA Certified, approved by NHBC & LABC for Building Control, at the lowest trade prices that also save on space too.

Products may include, BreatherQuilt and SuperQuilt!

Where do I start?

Before approaching us, find out what U Value you need to achieve – building regulators may advise that you need to meet or surpass X U Value, depending on the area.

But, now you ask what actually is a U Value?

A U-Value is the rate at which heat transfers through a structure. The slower the heat transfer, the lower the U-Value. So, the lower the U-Value, the better the performance. They therefore relate to the insulation levels required by the building regulators.

The lower the U – Value, the more efficient the structure is reducing heat loss.



U Value

U Value Understanding

This is measured as watts per m2 Kelvin, and you may see this written as (W/m²K). It therefore is states the amount of heat energy lost (in Watts) through a square metre of material.

U Values may be spoken about in relation to a range of components such as cavity walls, doors, glass.

So, I know my U Value, I understand it – what now?

Use our free and easy to use U-Value Calculator by pressing HERE!

This calculator will take the core information required to advise which products you will need to use to achieve it – it really is that simple.

If for any reason the calculator doesn’t know what you require you can Contact Us, by filling our our enquiry form. Alternatively, you can Request a Call Me Back. 

Once you know what you need – as the leading distributor we can supply  SuperQuilt, BreatherQuilt at the lowest trade prices.