How to Combat the Energy Increase with Multifoil Insulation

In this blog we will detail how to combat the energy increase, with multifoil insulation. As Energy Prices soar, now is the time to Insulate …as experts are advising the prices are only going in one direction – UP, UP and UP!

Sadly, even the savviest deal searches are facing substantial increases, and it is uncontrollable due to the worldwide squeeze on supplies. This is frustrating for all and to make matters worse, The Financial Times explained how there is a limit on how much the government can help with this. So…in short we all have to (for now) accept the price increase.

However,  you CAN control whether you utilise the energy you are paying for. The reason we are doing the blog today is because it is important to asses whether you are making the most of the energy in your own home, without delay. We suggest you act quickly, because The Guardian advised that Energy Bills could rise by 50%, in Spring 2022 -as the current Price Cap set by Ofgem may be removed / increased.

Are YOU Utilising the Energy in your home? In other words, Is your Home Sufficiently Insulated

If you have an area that is uninsulated or poorly insulated, you are not utilising your energy – as it is escaping! It is quite literally like throwing money out of a window.


Where should YOU Insulate?

The Loft is always a good place to start, an uninsulated loft can massively impact the energy utilisation. This is because the energy you are paying rises and will be escaping above you. By Insulating you are creating a blanket that reflects the heat back in to your home and acts as a barrier to heat loss.

Which Products?

BreatherQuilt (Over Rafter) Installation Video. 

SuperQuilt or EcoQuilt (Under Rafter) –  Video.

SuperQuilt or EcoQuiltLoft Floor

Once the Loft is sorted, consider the standard of the Insulation in your Walls. If your walls feel cold, the chances are you require more insulation!


Which Products?

EcoQuilt or SuperQuilt or EcoAir Tec Double.  Installation Video.


Which Products?

EcoTec Floor Foam – Don’t want to lift your floorboards? Draft below? Use Floor Foam Video.

Radi Floor / EcoQuilt / SuperQuilt (Below Floor Boards)

On our Website we have a really useful ‘How to Insulate Your Home Guide‘ summarises the different areas and products you can use! We also have How to Guides on all our applications and in most cases Videos too to help you visualise the install.

If you are struggling to pay your bills, Which, advises to contact your provider to set up a plan. If you can afford to invest in insulation, we recommend doing so to save you a lot of money in the future. The return on your investment will come round quicker now, than ever before!