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How to Fit BreatherQuilt over Rafter

Difficulty: Easy • 5 Steps

This guide will display step-by-step how to Install BreatherQuilt on external of pitched roofs.

BreatherQuilt is a 2-in-1 Insulating & Breathable Multifoil Insulation for use over rafter (before tiling).

The multi-layered blanket equates to around 55mm of Rigid PIR Insulation, such as Kingspan and Celotex.

YBS BreatherQuilt can be used in both new builds and refurbishments. It is also fully LABC & BDA certified for building control.

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Method Steps

  1. Install First Layer of BreatherQuilt

    Starting at the bottom of the roof, roll BreatherQuilt across the rafters and staple in place at 300mm intervals. Ensure BreatherQuilt is draped in-between each rafter as opposed to being pulled taught. It is vital that a 10mm clear gap is formed at the center of all rafters. The gap is between the top layer of BreatherQuilt and installed tile batten.

  2. Fixing and Cutting

    Ensure BreatherQuilt is stapled at 300mm intervals, using min 14mm deep staples, or nails. BreatherQuilt can be cut with either Multifoil Scissors, or a Cutting Knife. Both the cutting tools, along with a Staple Gun & Staples are available in our Multifoil Fitting Kit.

  3. Horizontal Overlaps

    Once the first run of BreatherQuilt is fully fixed, and is draping into the rafters, proceed next by taping a line of 50mm Thermaseal Double Sided Tape along the edge of the material. Install the next layer of BreatherQuilt in the same manner as the first. Overlap the first and second layer by 100mm, ensuring the double sided tape is secure and sealed.

  4. Vertical Joints

    Where 2 layers of BreatherQuilt meet on vertical sections, we advise these layers to be butt jointed, not overlaps. These joints should be taped over with a suitable 50mm waterproof duct tape.

  5. Final Detailing

    At the eaves BreatherQuilt should extend onto a suitable eaves carrier. Proceed with tile/slate battens and tile/slates.

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Disclaimer – cannot be held responsible for any losses financially or physically from advice provided in this How-To-Guide.

Installation of BreatherQuilt Insulation for under rafter should be in harmony with the official certificate. Recommended fixing materials and good building practice should also be used.

Please note this guide is based in the Draped detail. Please visit the BreatherQuilt Data Sheet for the Counter Batten detail.

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