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How to fit Foil-Tec Single and Foil Tec Double – Walls

Difficulty: Easy • 4 Steps

In our how-to guide, we will display the correct way to install Foil-Tec Single and Double for wall applications. It is suitable for many wall applications such as Solid Walls, Timber Frames and Cavity Walls.

Foil-Tec is an Insulating Vapour Control Layer, under 1mm thick. It provides thermal performance, without taking up any space. To put this into perspective, it equates to around 32mm of Mineral Wool! It is therefore often used to enhance the u-value of a build-up when installed.


Foil-Tec Single and Foil-Tec Double are insulating vapour control layers. These UK manufactured membranes are suitable for roofs, walls and floors. It has superior vapour resistant properties compared to standard VCL’s. The outer layer of Foil-Tec has a emissivity of 0.02, this means 98% of radiant energy is reflected back into the home.

Method Steps

  1. Fixing Foil-Tec on the Wall

    If you are insulating a timber frame, you can simply staple Foil-Tec directly on the timber stud work. It is important to have an air-space present, as this allows the insulation membrane to reflect. Staple using 14mm staples, rolling the material perpendicular to the stud. If you are insulating a solid wall, you may consider fixing min 19mm battens on the wall first. This improves the thermal performance, and will result in an easier fix. Once your next run of Foil-Tec Single, ensure the product is overlapped by 50mm.

  2. Tape and Seal

    It is essential with Foil-Tec to ensure the product is taped and sealed. This ensures the material works as a high performance Vapour Control Layer, reducing condensation. Tape over the overlaps with Thermaseal Foil Joining Tape. Also seal around the perimeter with Thermaseal Foil Tape.

  3. Fix Counter Battens

    Once Foil-Tec is all sealed up, proceed by install min 19mm battens over Foil-Tec. Once a cavity is created, it allows the material to reflect and gain thermal benefits.

  4. Install Plasterboard

    Once your battens are securely fixed in place, proceed by screwing your choice of plasterboard in place.

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