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How to Install Foil-Tec Single/Double on Roofs

Difficulty: Easy • 6 Steps

This informative How To Guide will explain how to install foil-Tec Single and Double. This guide will show you specifically how to install it for the internal of roof applications, however Foil-Tec Single and Foil-Tec Double can be used in walls and floors.

The following guide is a step by step installation guide that details how you install Foil-Tec Single VCL, and Foil-Tec Double VCL, for roof applications.

Foil-Tec is a robust vapour control layer, with highly reflective outer layers. It has an emissivity of 0.02, meaning it reflects 98% of radiant energy,

It surpasses the conventional vapour control layer, owed to it providing strength and reflective thermal properties – in addition to vapour control.

Method Steps

  1. Roll out Foil-Tec and Cut to Size

    Start by measuring the roof timbers, and cutting Foil-Tec to your desired length.

  2. Staple Foil-Tec Insulation

    Next, proceed to staple Foil-Tec Insulation on the roof timbers. We would recommend using a Staple Gun, and 14mm staples. This will hold the insulation in place, ready for the next steps. Note - If insulation is fully filling the rafters behind, we would recommend Foil-Tec Single, as opposed to Foil-Tec Double.

  3. Overlap Insulation

    When you start your next run of Foil-Tec, ensure it is overlapped by a min of 50mm.

  4. Tape and seal

    Once the roof space is fully covered with Foil-Tec, proceed to tape. Ensure all overlaps and the perimeter is sealed using Thermaseal Foil Joining Tape. This ensures the product works as a high performance Vapour Control Layer. Foil-Tec working as a VCL is essential to it's products performance.

  5. Install Batten

    As Foil-Tec is not a traditional VCL, it provides thermal benefits too. To gain the thermal benefits, fix a 19mm - 25mm batten over the insulation at 400mm centres.

  6. Finish Plasterboard

    To finish, screw a 12.5mm plasterboard into the battens.

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