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How to install our EcoTec Radiator Insulation Kit

Difficulty: Easy • 7 Steps

This guide will show you how to insulate behind your radiators to save you money and prevent heat loss during the winter.

Our EcoTec Radiator Insulation Kit reflects 95% of radient energy into the room rather than escaping through the wall.

It’s easy to install for any DIY novice just a sharp pair of scissors or a cutting knife is required.

To see each step in detail watch our How To Video.

Method Steps

  1. Measure the radiator

    Using a tape measure accurately measure the length of your radiator.

  2. Mark the lenth onto the insulation

    Roll out the insulation and mark out the length of the radiator onto the insulation.

  3. Cut the insulation

    Cut the insulation to the length you marked out with scissors or a sharp cutting knife.

  4. How to install around radiator brackets

    Mark where the radiator brackets are on to the insulation and the length of the brackets.

  5. Cut the insulation to fit the brackets

    Cut the line you’ve just created on the insulation so the insulation can fit around the radiator brackets.

  6. Apply the Double Sided Tape

    Apply ThermaSeal Double-Sided Tape to the back of the insulation at the top and bottom. Peel the backing of the ThermaSeal Double-Sided tape off.

  7. Attach the insulation to the wall

    Place the insulation behind the radiator. Stick the ThermaSeal Double-Sided tape to the wall. Do not attach the tape to the radiator.

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Disclaimer – Multifoil-Insulation cannot be held responsible for any losses financially or physically from advice provided in this How-To-Guide. 

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