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How to Install the EcoTec Van Conversion Insulation Kit

Difficulty: Easy • 7 Steps

This Guide demonstrates how to Insulate you Campervan.

This Camervan Conversion Kit is commonly installed by those who wish to convert their camper van in to a usable space. When the insulation kit has been installed it keeps your van at a more ambient temperature all year round. It also reduces the risk of condensation, which can cause rust.

If you are wanting to convert your van, so that you can enjoy the space in the peak of winter and summer – you have come to the right place. Our EcoTec Van Conversion Insulation Kit prevents the extreme fluctuations in the internal temperature – so massively improves the comfort.

Specifically, in the winter – the the EcoTec Van Conversion material will reflect the warmth back in and the cold away. Likewise, in the summer – the excess heat will be reflected away.

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Method Steps

  1. Clean the Inside of the Van

    First, it is essential that you ensure that the Walls, Roof and Floor inside your van are dry, clean, and free of grease or dust. This is important as this is the surface that the material will secure to, dust and dirt can impact the bond.

  2. Measure and Cut

    Measure how much material you require for one of your walls and cut the first piece of insulation to size. The easiest way to cut this is with out Multifoil Insulation Scissors.

  3. Apply the Double Sided Tape

    Once you have cut the True Aluminium Foil insulation for Van Conversions to size, then apply the double sided tape at regular intervals.

  4. Peal the Backing and Put in Place

    You will now need to remove the top layer of the Thermaseal Double Sided Tape. We advise doing this just before you are installing so there is not a time opportunity for dust to stick to the tape. Double check the walls of your Van are completely dry and then install your first run of insulation.

  5. Insulate

    Repeat this process, until you have complete coverage inside your van. We advise overlapping the layers by 50mm to ensure that there is no where for air to pass.

  6. Apply Thermaseal Foil Joining Tape

    Ensure all edges and joints are fully sealed with the silver Thermaseal Foil Joining Tape. Not taping and sealing the product correctly can allow moisture to pass the membrane, allowing it to condensate.

  7. Batten

    Multifoils perform better with an air cavity either side. We understand, especially in Vans where the space is not huge, that you will not want to loose much space. However, if you intend on boarding over the insulation, we do advise that you install 25mm battens prior to boarding so that the multifoil insulation can reflect and perform.

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Disclaimer – Multifoils Direct cannot be held responsible for any losses financially or physically from advice provided in this How-To-Guide.

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