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How to Insulate Above a Timber Floor

Difficulty: Easy • 5 Steps

This step by step guide details how to insulate your timber floor and prevent draughts entering from below – using EcoTec FloorFoam.

The Insulation material used in this application is a thin, flexible dense 4mm foam membrane. It has a true reflective foil either side of the foam material.

FloorFoam is extremely easy to install. FloorFoam will help to retain heat,  add a thermal barrier and also significantly reduce draught.

To view our guide on how to insulate FloorFoam on concrete, Click Here!

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Method Steps

  1. Roll out the EcoTec Floor Foam

    Roll the EcoTec Floor Foam out on to your timber floor. This can be rolled either vertically or horizontally, whatever your preference is!

  2. Cut the EcoTec Floor Foam

    You can then cut the EcoTec Floor Foam, when you arrive at the end of your run. You can either with our Multifoil Scissors or a Cutting Knife (both of these products are included in our Multifoil Fitting Kit). Keep insulating in strips until the full floor area you wish to insulate is covered. You can also make little cuts where the radiator pipes etc. are if required - just try and ensure you have a continous layer where possible.

  3. Staple the EcoTec Floor Foam

    Once cut to size, you can then Staple EcoTec FloorFoam on your timber floor, we advising leaving around a 30cm gap between each staple to ensure the material is secure.

  4. Tape with the Thermaseal Foil Joining Tape

    Ensure FloorFoam Insulation is butt jointed together by this we mean, so not overlap so you have a double layer at any point. Then, use the Thermaseal Foil Joining Tape, that is provided alongside the EcoTec Floor Foam, to seal all around the edges (peremiter) and the joints. The Thermaseal Foil Joining Tape used to do this is provided within the kit. Taping and sealing ensures no draught or moisture can rise up through the floor.

  5. Install Desired Flooring

    Finally, once installed and fully taped and sealed and secure - you can now proceed to install your desired flooring. If carpet is installed, the use of an underlay is advised prior to the carpet. Laminate or wood floors can be installed directly on top of FloorFoam. If a vinyl or lino is being used, we would advise the use of a plywood over the top of the FloorFoam.

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Disclaimer – SuperQuilt-Insulation cannot be held responsible for any losses financially or physically from advice provided in this How-To-Guide.

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