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How To Insulate Under Carpets Laminate or Vinyl using EcoTec Floor-Foam

Difficulty: Easy • 6 Steps

Do you have a Wooden or Concrete floor? We have a Simple & Easy solution to prevent cold air rising – which means you either cold / have higher energy bills than you should have!

If you do not have access to the underside of your Floor, or if you simply do not wish to remove any floor boards -EcoTec Floor Foam is the perfect solution for you.


EcoTec FloorFoam prevents cold air penetrating rooms through concrete and timber floors and helps prevent condensation and drafts while helping dampen any sound.

Floor-Foam is made from 4mm of high density polyester foam with a Highly Reflective True Aluminium Foil on either side.

EcoTec Floor-Foam is supplied in easy to handle 1.2m x 25m rolls covering 30 Square Metres.

It is also supplied with a roll of ThermaSeal Foil Joining Tape 75mm x 50m and Free Next Working Day Delivery to the UK Mainland (When ordered before 2pm).

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Method Steps

  1. Roll out EcoTec Floor-Foam

    Starting at one end of the room, roll out the Ecotec FloorFoam to the desired length. We recommend starting in one corner.

  2. Cutting the Insulation

    When you have reached the desired length, simply cut the EcoTec Floor Foam, with a sharp Knife / Scissors. You can also make a slit in the material for radiator pipes too.

  3. Fix the EcoTec Floor-Foam

    Then either Staple / Glue / Use Double Sided Tape, to fix the EcoTec Floor-Foam into place. You can also trim any edges as this point to ensure the floor foam is sat comfortably. If using a Glue we recommend to use a Non-Solvent adhesive, as solvents may effect the Foils.

  4. Proceed with the Next Layer

    Install the next run of EcoTec Floor-Foam and butt the edges. Do not overlap as this will make the floor uneven in places.

  5. Tape and Seal Insulation

    When the whole floor has been covered with the EcoTec Floor-Foam we recommend to tape and seal the butt joints and across the whole perimeter to ensure a complete seal. This will prevent moisture from rising and also prevent drafts.

  6. Laying Carpet?

    Fix grippers in to place, over the EcoTec Floor-Foam. This will not impact the performance of the productl. Proceed to install your carpet underlay and cut in to place directly on top of the Floor Foam.

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Disclaimer – Multifoils Direct cannot be held responsible for any losses financially or physically from advice provided in this How-To-Guide.

Recommended fixing materials and good building practice should also be used.

Please note Ecotec FloorFoam cannot be used in conjunction with Building Control and is purely a DIY insulation product. If your floor requires a certain U-Value, please use our Free and Easy to use Online U-Value Calculator

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