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How to Insulate Under Rafter

Difficulty: Easy • 6 Steps

Here we will show you how you can insulate under your rafters effectively – with our EcoPro Under Rafter Insulation Kit. 

It is Easy to Install, Prevents Energy Being Wasted Directly above you and has a great return on investment!



A vast amount of heat is escapes above you in your home. This is why we have created an affordable DIY insulation kit, that is easy to install and effective.

Why not insulate under your own rafters and start retaining the heat in your own home?

Method Steps

  1. Cut the Material Required

    Measure the amount of material required for your first strip and cut. It is most common for customers to insulate horizontally, but the choice is yours.

  2. Staple the Multifoil in to Place

    Staple the Multifoil to the underside of the Roof Rafters. We advise stapling every 300mm to ensure that the material is held securely in to place. Pull the material nice and straight where possible, to keep it neat and also to make the cutting process easier for you too.

  3. Install your Second Layer...

    When installing your second layer, overlap the material on to the former layer by 50mm. Continue insulating until you have full coverage, following the above instructions.

  4. Finish as you please!

    You may wish to leave the insulation exposed - which is fine. However, it is quite common for customers to nail / screw battens into place before boarding - if they are wanting to create a usable room. This is not required but is popular option.

  5. If you would like to double the performance, you can!

    You can double the performance by installing two layers. To save on space, you recess the first layer to the side of the roof rafter. This way you still have an air cavity behind the product, but you also have an air cavity between the first and the second layer too.

  6. Staple next Layers

    Continue installing your first layer, until you have full coverage.

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Any questions at all, just get in touch here. You can either submit an enquiry or you can request a call me back. We are more than happy to assist you.

Disclaimer – Multifoils Direct cannot be held responsible for any losses financially or physically from advice provided in this How-To-Guide.


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