How to Reduce your Energy Bills

Household energy builds are a topic we cannot avoid, especially as Winter is near and the temperature has already dropped. The global spike in energy rates has caused people to look for ways, more than ever before to save. We WILL be paying more to heat our homes – so we NEED to ensure the energy being paid for stays within our home.

So, what is the Solution? Insulation!

By Insulating, you are not only preventing heat being wasted, but you will also lower your bills and at the same time be more sustainable.

Insulating your Floors, Loft, Ceilings and Walls mean you’ll be able to reduce your energy bills. Insulating will more than counter the initial outgoing of buying insulation. Now more than ever before, it genuinely is the best investment you can make.

You can save up to a huge 80% on heating expenses by improving the insulation in your home, oppose to losing it. I know what I would rather do.

What are the other Insulation Benefits?

  • Insulation Lessons the Risk of Condensation
  • Insulation Lessons the risk of Dampness and Mould
  • ALL of the above benefit your physical health and likely happiness as you won’t be so cold this winter.

We have a range of home insulation solutions, in the form of kits. Our Kits have been designed for homeowners. They make the process quick and easy – so you can reduce your heating bills.

Your home can be insulated with a variety of quick and easy DIY Insulation Kits that can considerably minimise heat loss while cutting your heating costs. Pick any area of your home and then follow the Buying Guide to see what product is best for your project.

Energy Conservation – Keep hold of the money you are spending

By increasing your energy usage, you are using limited resources, such as oil and gas. We want to use less of this, so we lower out carbon footprint, whilst also enabling us to use our money on other things! We need to conserve energy not only to save ourselves money, but to also improve the situation for the coming generations.

Now, we know approximately a third of our heat energy escapes via the walls around us, which is why we should put a barrier in to prevent this: EcoQuilt45 Multi-layered Foil Insulation 15m2 • Multifoils Direct. We also understand much of our energy is loft via the roof – so it is critical this is insulated – to protect it. You can use a loft floor insulation kit to do this and make your home more comfortable at the same time as saving money.

Why not also make some small improvements and install an insulating jacket on your hot water cylinder . This could save you £70 and can also reduce your carbon dioxide emissions by 155kg.

Protect the Heat coming out of YOUR Radiators

If you don’t insulate your radiators you are effectively paying to heat the walls and also the outisde of your home! Which in our eyes seems a little silly. We have therefore created an Radiator Insulation Kit . This improves the radiator performance, whilst at the same time is a really cost effective and fast install too. If you didn’t already know – a massive 40% of heat energy from radiators escapes via walls. This is why this is high up on our list of areas we suggest that you insulate. If you don’t trust us, trust the Energy Saving Trust, who promote this as an application.

Radiator Insulation Kit


Open your Curtains / Blinds!

Let the sunlight in during the day!

By letting in the natural sunlight, you are benefitting from the solar energy.  So, hen you benefit from solar energy you are not using your own! This therefore helps you to harness the natural energy as the UV rays will be able to enter your home. This doesn’t work so well when the sun isn’t shining. It is a useful one to remember when the sun does shine.

Install Chimney Balloon

A chimney is a gap where energy can escape – if you seal it – it no longer can. So, Install a Chimney Balloon. If you aren’t making use of your fireplace, at least retain your energy. Many of us now just enjoy central heating, but don’t let that central heating escape right in front of our eyes – literally!

Fireplaces in houses are frequently left unlit these days. Many of us no longer use open fireplaces of the traditional style because we have central heating. It’s possible that heat from your heated home escapes through the chimney if your fireplace isn’t being utilised. A chimney balloon is a practical remedy.

Seal up those Draughts

Most heat is lost above us; it escapes via out loft space and roof as heat rises. If you insulate under your roof rafters or on your loft floor – you are preserving energy, rather than losing it. Installing a barrier between your warm home and the outdoors, prevents warm air leakage. The same applies for ANY gaps – get them filled. A gap is a space for energy to be wasted, which is what we need to avoid.

You may also want to insulate your floor, we have options for all. Over Floor Joists: RadiFloor Under Floor Insulation • Multifoils Direct , on top of concrete / timber: EcoTec Floor-Foam Insulation Kit • Multifoils Direct – we have a solution for all. You can save around 20% of energy there.

Save around 25% by making sure that your walls are suitably insulated too. If you don’t have the DIY skills to securely install insulation yourself, it is recommended to obtain the help of a skilled competent professional.  We do have A Buyers Guide and how to guides for all applications, for those of you willing and happy to give it a go yourselves.

What you will notice is that this mainly focuses on the ways to save you energy. Most tips involve insulation. You can by all means reduce your energy usage by making cutbacks too. But, realistically we want to be comfortable in our home and insulating is the way to achieve this.

Want to discuss your own project? Just get in touch! If there is anything you cannot find or want more clarity on, we are more than happy to help.