Insulating Over Rafter With BreatherQuilt – Tape Now Included!

This post provides you with a solution, to insulate over rafter with BreatherQuilt, a product that is a superior alternative to a traditional breather membrane and also advises how you can install BreatherQuilt.

Why Use BreatherQuilt, to Insulate Over Rafter?

  • BreatherQuilt is a superior alternative to a traditional breather membrane
  • BreatherQuilt brings thermal benefits: with 11 layers and the outer layers are highly reflective True Aluminium Foil.
  • The layers are perforated, so by using BreatherQuilt you replace the need for a breather membrane and eliminates condensation.
  • It has an outer layer that is waterproof – this can be left exposed for up to a month.
  • Compresses to 7mm when installed, no requirement to change roof height
  • UK Manufactured by YBS Insulation
  • It has the ability to overlap – removing the risk of thermal bridging.
  • No fibres, so no need for any personal protective equipment (PPE).
  • BreatherQuilt is certified for use on roofs over rafter, to the latest Industry Standards (NHBC, BDA and Kiwa Certifications).




Formerly, all customers and re-sellers who purchased BreatherQuilt had to also buy Double Sided Tape, to be able to install BreatherQuilt. This year and going forward we are selling our BreatherQuilt product with Double Sided Tape already on the product.


What does this mean for you?

As the tape is now built in, this means you are not only getting more for your money, but this will make the installation process quicker and easier.

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How to install BreatherQuilt – Counter Batten

Start at the bottom of the roof and proceed by working horizontally, using a min of 14mm staples staple BreatherQuilt to the rafter – making sure you pull the insulation taught and continue across the roof.

BreatherQuilt should extend over the eaves (where the part of a roof meets or overhangs the walls of a building).

Install 25mm battens, parallel with the rafters.

Proceed with either your tiles or slate battens.


How to install BreatherQuilt – Draped, without counter batten

Starting at the bottom edge of the roof and working horizontally across the rafters, staple BreatherQuilt using a minimum of 14mm staples. The BreatherQuilt should hang down between the centre of all rafter spaces so that there is a 10mm drape once the tile battens have been installed.

The BreatherQuilt should extend over the eaves.

Finish by tiling / installing slate / slate battens.

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