Introducing the EcoPro Garage Door Insulation Kit – A Revolutionary New Product

Introducing The EcoPro Garage Door Insulation Kit was developed to address the important role of garage door insulation in maintaining energy efficiency. It is often overlooked by homeowners, but the reality is that a garage door without insulation can result in significant heat gain or loss, depending on the time of year.

In the winter season, an inadequately insulated garage door can result in cold air entering your home, causing difficulty in maintaining a cozy indoor temperature. Conversely, during summer, it may allow hot air to penetrate the garage and transfer into your living area.

By adding insulation to your garage door, you establish a thermal blockage that aids in controlling the temperature within your garage and, as a result, your entire house. With adequate insulation, you can decrease energy usage, decrease utility costs, and improve overall coziness.

What Does the EcoPro Garage Door Insulation Kit Entail?

Insulation Kit for Garage Doors

At Ecohome Insulation, we have developed a simple-to-use insulation kit for garage doors that can be easily installed. The kit comes in two sizes, suitable for either a single or double garage door. It contains a Highly Reflective Multifoil Insulation, which is made up of six layers of foil and wadding. These layers are approximately 15mm thick and have the same insulating properties as 100mm of Glasswool or 50mm of Rigid Board, such as Kingspan or Celotex.

In addition, you will have all necessary fixing tools. Such as Thermaseal Foil joining tape to secure and seal the edges and connections of the insulation. Additionally, Thermaseal Double Sided Tape will be provided to attach the insulation to the rear of the garage door.

Tips for Making Your Garage More Energy Efficient

To improve your lighting, consider switching out regular incandescent bulbs with energy-efficient LED lights in your garage. LEDs use less electricity and have a longer lifespan, resulting in lower electricity consumption and maintenance expenses.

To prevent air leakage and improve energy efficiency, it is important to check for any gaps or cracks around windows or skylights in your garage and seal them using weatherstripping or caulking. This will effectively eliminate any drafts and prevent air from escaping.

Enhance Energy Efficiency by Insulating Garage Walls – If your garage is connected to your house, it would be beneficial to insulate the walls in order to improve energy efficiency. This will help to maintain a steady temperature and prevent heat from transferring between your garage and living areas.

To control the humidity in your garage and decrease moisture levels, consider installing a dehumidifier. High levels of humidity can result in condensation, the growth of mold, and potential harm to any items being stored.

Improve Garage Windows – If your garage currently has windows, it is important to make sure they are energy-efficient. One option is to upgrade from single-pane windows to double-pane windows, which can provide improved insulation and decrease heat transfer.

One option to address two potential issues mentioned above is to utilize the EcoPro Garage Insulation kit. Which serves as both a vapor barrier and a thermal insulating blanket. This kit can effectively complement the Garage Door Insulation Kit.

Image of a garage kit from Ecohome Insulation


Investing in insulating your garage door is a valuable decision that provides a multitude of advantages. These include improved energy efficiency, increased comfort, and reduced noise. By recognizing the significance of garage door insulation, selecting the appropriate insulation kit, and following correct installation methods. You can experience a more energy-efficient and comfortable garage environment. The Garage Door Insulation Kit by EcoPro is the perfect choice for homeowners in search of a budget-friendly and effortless insulation solution.