SuperQuilt Insulation Black Friday Discount Code

Here at Multifoils Direct we aim to provide you with the best rates possible, all year round.

However, this year we are going all out with our biggest sale ever – we are providing you all with a discount code, where you benefit from 5% off on ALL products (even sale items!)

You heard right – you can use the code BFFIVE on every single product. Its huge and you DO NOT want to miss this sale.

What products can I use the Black Friday Discount Code on?

Our Black Friday Discount Code provides discounts YBS Branded Products, such as SuperQuilt Insulation and BreatherQuilt Insulation – but it is available to use on ALL products.

If you are a trade customer, why not get stocked up now? You can see the full range our Trade Pallets here: Trade Pallet Deals Archives • Multifoils Direct

If you have a cold home, now is the time to buy your insulation. If you have heat escaping via your loft, insulate now. Considering Insulating your Conservatory, or your Garage – order now? Floor cold? Insulate. Its genuinely the biggest sale we are ever going to have so do not miss out.

Our 5% off Discount Code: BFFIVE  is going LIVE from 08:30am on Thursday 23rd and is available on online orders only. 

We have put a cap on how many products we are selling at this low rate – so order today, as we cannot guarantee we are keeping this over the weekend.