SuperQuilt Supports The Trussell Trust

According to the Institute of Fundraising since the outbreak of Covid 19, a vast proportion of charities have seen an increase in demand for their services. At the same time, they have suffered from a decline in voluntary donations. These findings were based on data from a survey that included 500 charities, and was conducted by the Charity Finance Group and National Council for Voluntary Organisations .

Charities therefore need our help more now than they have before. SuperQuilt Insulation therefore opted to support The Trussell Trust. The Trussell Trust is a charity that takes action against poverty and hunger in the UK, which if rife now owed to the Coronavirus which rapidly spread across many nations.

Our Campaign

To support The Trussell Trust we ran an Insulate Whilst You Isolate Campaign for 6 weeks. The campaign gave our customers the option to use a code at the checkout that meant a proportion of their order went directly to The Trussell Trust.

Trussell Trust

Trussell Trust

We are aware that there are millions of people suffering and we know the money we donate will not touch even a small proportion of the ones who are in need. What we also know, is that if everyone thought their money wouldn’t be beneficial there would be no voluntary revenue at all.

If we can mitigate the impact of the Coronavirus marginally, we should. We understand every pound of donation WILL help someone who does requires emergency food.

SuperQuilt would therefore also like to encourage any individual or business who is able to donate to do so. You can too mitigate the impact of Coronavirus.

We hope that by continuing supplying products such as: SuperQuilt, BreatherQuilt, and EcoQuilt we have enabled others who require these to keep trading too.

We also hope we have enabled individuals who have wanted to do a little bit of DIY whilst at home the chance to do so. Many of you have purchased our Conservatory Kits, Shed Kits, Caravan Kits, Loft Kits!

SuperQuilt Supports The Trussell Trust – If you would like to, then click HERE .