Why is Multifoil Roof Insulation Becoming So Popular?

There are many reasons why Multifoil Roof Insulation is becoming so popular, especially for roof insulation applications. Choosing the right roof insulation material can feel overwhelming. However, due to multifoil insulations‘ cost-effectiveness, high energy efficiency, and easy installation it’s a very popular option. In this article, we’ll delve into the reasons why multifoil insulation is a superior choice to other insulation options.

What is Multifoil Roof Insulation?

Multifoil insulation can sometimes be referred to as foil insulation and reflective insulation. It’s a type of insulation material that utilizes multiple layers of foil and wadding to create a barrier against all forms of heat transfer. The reflective layers of the foil help to reflect radiant heat and the wadding slows down the conduction of heat. This can significantly improve the energy efficiency of all types of buildings including house renovations, barn conversions, new builds, garden buildings, conservatories, and many more. the improvement of your property’s energy efficiency will lead to a reduction in heating and cooling costs for the building.

The Multiple layers of foil create an airspace that creates a thermal barrier. When heat radiates towards the foil surface it bounces off the foil. During the summer this allows radiant heat to bounce off the roof and is directed outside rather than heating your property. Also during the winter, your property will retain the heat by bouncing the heat into it, maintaining a warm and comfortable temperature.

What are the benefits of Multifoil Roof Insulation?

Enhance Air Quality 

Unlike spray foam insulation and mineral wool multifoil insulation doesn’t release any harmful fumes or itchy fibers during installation. Multifoil Insulations don’t contain emit any harmful chemicals or VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) that negatively affect indoor air quality. This makes it a suitable option for anyone that struggles with allergies or respiratory sensitivities,


Multifoil insulation is incredibly versatile it can be used for many different applications. It can also be tailored to fit your specific needs whether you’re insulating a residential property, commercial building, agricultural structure, or garden building. It can be installed in many areas of a property including walls, floors as well as roofs. It’s especially useful in confined spaces where traditional insulation can be challenging to fit.

Superior Thermal Performance 

Multifoil insulation has excellent thermal properties. The reflective foil layers block radiant heat transfer, reducing the amount of heat that enters and escapes through the roof. This leads to a much more stable temperature all year round, despite the weather conditions outside.

Easy Installation 

Multifoil insulation can be installed by anyone with basic DIY skills. Unlike other insulation materials like spray foam insulation that require professional installers and specialized equipment. You also don’t need any specific PPE to install multifoil insulation because it doesn’t contain any harmful fibers. There’s no need to use any specific equipment you may already own the equipment you need.

Cost Effective Solution

Foil roof insulation is a cost-effective solution for energy efficiency. By minimizing the need for excessive heating and cooling. This leads to lower energy bills additionally, foil insulation requires minimal maintenance and has a long lifespan, ensuring long-term cost savings.


People ask Question:

Does foil Insulation roof work?

Yes, Multidirect’s foil insulation for roofs is highly effective in improving energy efficiency.

Is foil roof insulation good?

Yes, foil roof insulation is effective in reflecting heat and enhancing energy efficiency.


Our Best-selling Multifoil Roof Insulation Products

YBS BreatherQuilt

YBS BreatherQuilt is a multifoil insulation product that’s designed to be installed over rafter. It’s ideal for insulating roofs especially where ventilation is required. BreatherQuilt combines thermal insulation and a waterproof breathable roofing membrane. The foil is fully perforated to allow moisture to pass whilst providing an excellent waterproof membrane to protect your property from all weather conditions.

Multifoil Roof Insulation

YBS SuperQuilt

YBS SuperQuilt is our highest thermally-performing multifoil insulation. It’s fully certified by LABS, BBA, and BDA for building control. SuperQuilt consists of 19 layers of true aluminum foil and wadding. This can be installed under the roofing rafters and you can even install a double layer which gives you an even higher performance.

YBS Superquilt Insulation

EcoQuilt Expert

EcoQuilt Expert is a cost-effective alternative to YBS SuperQuilt. This is a great DIY version for anyone wanting to upgrade their existing insulation. It is easier to install in smaller spaces due to its 15mm thickness and 6 layers of foil and wadding.

EcoQuilt Insulation Expert