The Best Floor Insulation Solution – EcoTec Floor-Foam Kit

Floor insulation is one of the most successful ways to reduce draughts in your home and save on your energy bills. However, it can be easily overlooked by homeowners. We often focus on areas like doors and windows when draught-proofing our homes. We have created a product to combat this problem, our EcoTec FloorFoam Insulation Kit is well-known in the market. This insulation kit has been used in homes, offices, garden buildings, and many more. It can be used under most types of flooring which means it can be used throughout your home.

Not only does the EcoTec FloorFoam Insulation Kit have amazing thermal properties it can also absorb sound. Did you know that an uninsulated floor can let 15% of the heat you’re paying for escape through your floorboards? This is why it’s so important to insulate your home correctly you’ll have a lot of money in the long run by investing in good insulation.

What are the Benefits of EcoTec FloorFoam?

EcoTec FloorFoam can be used beneath carpets, suspended floors, laminate, wood, vinyl, and other types of flooring. The main benefit of FloorFoam is that it prevents cold bridging from below by blocking airflow through the floorboards. It can also serve as a vapour control barrier once it’s taped and sealed with ThermaSeal Foil Joining Tape around all edges. The FloorFoam can add a cushioning layer underneath timber or laminate which makes it more comfortable to walk on. It can be used in a room above an unheated room like a garage to stop any heat from escaping.

FloorFoam Tape

The amount of cold air that enters a room through concrete, wood, or laminate floors had a big impact on heating costs. Cold flooring contributes to the loss of about 15% of heat. In construction projects, whether new or renovated, it’s suitable for all renovation types.

How to Install EcoTec FloorFoam

If you don’t have access to the underside of your floor or don’t want to remove floorboards. EcoTec FloorFoam is the best solution because it’s installed over the top of floorboards or concrete. Firstly you unroll the FloorFoam, cut it to size, and tape the perimeter and any edges between the insulation. After that install your flooring like normal.

However, for the carpet, we still recommend installing an underlay. For vinyl flooring, a thin piece of plywood needs to be installed over the top of the FloorFoam so the vinyl has a firm surface to sit on.

Check out our how-to guide and how-to video for further in-depth instructions HERE 

How Much FloorFoam Do I Need For My Project?

Each roll of FloorFoam is 1.2m x 25m this covers an area of 30m2. Each roll of FloorFoam includes a roll of ThermaSeal Foil Joining Tape.

If you’re in the market for a large quantity of EcoTec FloorFoam why not take a look at our EcoTec FloorFoam Trade Pallet Deal which includes either 9 rolls (270m2) or 15 rolls (450m2). You’ll receive 9 or 15 rolls of ThermaSeal Foil Joining Tape depending on how many rolls you order and a free Heavy Duty Staple Gun Kit & 5000 14mm Staples.

Are You Looking For Something to Install Beneath Your Floorboards?

EcoQuilt Expert can be installed on the underside of your joists this will provide higher thermal efficiency, but would not be a simple or easy job. EcoTec FloorFoam is the simplest and easiest way to insulate your flooring and can be done yourself it doesn’t require any specialist installers.

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