Achieving a 0.18 U-value with Multifoil Insulation.

We realise that finding the ideal solution for your roof project can be complicated, normally if you are undertaking a roof refurbishment or extension in the UK, you are commonly given 0.18 as a target U-value. But achieving a 0.18 U-value with Multifoils couldn’t be any easier.

Our Multifoil Insulation products, such as BreatherQuilt and SuperQuilt will save you on;

  • Cost
  • Space 
  • Installation Time
SuperQuilt Insulation’s Triple Layer System achieving 0.18 – Manchester 2018

BreatherQuilt and SuperQuilt products are fully certified and backed up by BDA & LABC. LABC stands for “Local Authority Building Control”. LABC approval means all local councils are required to accept the products.

SuperQuilt Insulation can be used a range of ways to achieve a 0.18 U-value. The type of access to your roof would determine the best solution for your project.

If you have access to both under rafter & over rafter, we advise the following two solutions;

Under Rafter & Over Rafter Details

Triple Layer System Detail. Commonly achieves a 0.17 or 0.18 U-value.

The key benefit of these two systems is that there is no requirement for Rigid PIR Insulation. (Kingspan / Celotex), Therefore not using Rigid PIR Boards dramatically saves labour time and material wastage.

Under Rafter only Details

If you are insulating from the underside of the rafters only. For example, if you are not re-roofing, we advise the following…

  • 1 Layer SuperQuilt & 65mm PIR Insulation (0.022)
  • 2 Layers SuperQuilt & 32.5mm Insulated Plasterboard
  • 1 Layer SuperQuilt & 140mm Mineral Wool (0.044)
  • All above based on 600mm Centres and Breather Membrane
Image displays a Double Layer of SuperQuilt & Insulated Plasterboard detail to 0.18.

Over Rafter only Details

If you are re-roofing as part of your project, only having access to the external side of roof, we advise the following….

  • 1 Layer BreatherQuilt & 100mm PIR Insulation (0.022)
  • Triple Layer System (All External)
  • Both above based on 600mm centers & standard existing plasterboard.
Image displays BreatherQuilt Multifoil Insulation & PIR Insulation detail to 0.18.

To ensure you achieve the correct U-Value for your project, our Online U-value Calculator can help… With over 750 solutions in total! Firstly our calculator is free to use and gives instant results. Secondly It will also email you a PDF document of the calculation, which you can then forward onto your building control officer.

Use our Free Online U-value calculator, Click Here!

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