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SPC-LUX Insulated Flooring Kit

SPC-LUX Insulated Flooring Kit

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expand_circle_down Description

Fully Insulated Flooring Kit

Luxury Flooring & Insulation Flooring Kit – The ultimate energy-saving flooring solution at an affordable price.

SPC-Lux Insulated Flooring Kit is a 2-stage system and includes all the elements and accessories for a stunning-looking, energy-saving, durable floor.

Our SPC-Lux flooring recreates the authentic beauty of real wood. It’s unique, classy, and will be a cause for conversation. Its multi-layer construction means it has all the features required to make it the perfect flooring, for both commercial and residential properties alike.

SPC-Lux is a premium flooring for both the trade and homeowners!

What’s included in SPC-LUX Insulated Flooring Kit?

  • SPC-Lux 5mm Flooring
  • EcoTec FloorFoam 4mm Insulation
  • Thermaseal Foil Joining Tape
  • Thermaseal Double Sided Tape
  • Fitting Kit for SPC-Lux – Rubber Mallet, Tapping Block, Pullbar, Wedges, Profile Gauge (250mm), Set Square & Cutting Knife

Why Our SPC-LUX Flooring?

SPC stands for Stone Polymer Composite. Our Luxury SPC Flooring mainly comprises of limestone. Its 100% Waterproof, durable and Stylish. Its stain, indentation and high scratch resistant, with an anti-slip and UV Coating.

What’s included in SPC-LUX Insulated Flooring Kit?

  • SPC-Lux 5mm Flooring
  • EcoTec FloorFoam 4mm Insulation
  • Thermaseal Foil Joining Tape
  • Thermaseal Double Sided Tape
  • Fitting Kit for SPC-Lux – Rubber Mallet, Tapping Block, Pullbar, Wedges, Spacers, Profile Gauge (250mm), Set Square & Cutting Knife

Why Our EcoTec FloorFoam?

EcoTec Floor-Foam is a 4mm dense foam membrane with a reflective true aluminium foil both sides.

Floor-Foam makes it will much warmer under foot, which works extremely well in conjunction with our premium SPC flooring.

You can simply staple this down on timber floors, or fix this down on Concrete with Thermaseal Double Side Tape. Following the fixing, you can simply install SPC-Lux Flooring over Floor-Foam.

EcoTec Floor-Foam is provided in a 1.2m x 25m roll, covering 30m2.

Choice of 7 colours on SPC-Lux

We understand selecting flooring can be a challenge, as there are so many options – that differ in both price and quality. This is why our team of construction experts have worked tirelessly alongside manufactures, so we can provide you with what we believe is the perfect, affordable flooring product.

We have done the research for you – as there are different grades of SPC. Our luxury range of SPC Flooring is the highest quality guaranteed, which is backed by our trusted manufacturing partners. It is the next generation of luxury vinyl tiles, more durable than traditional LVT and alternative SPC products.

  • Choose from our stunning range of 6 colours.
  • 5* Trust Pilot – Rated as Excellent.
  • Expert Advice Pre and Post Order
  • How to Guides and Videos to Assist you.
  • FREE Next Working Day Delivery on all orders to the UK Mainland
  • Installation Service available in Dronfield, Sheffield, Doncaster, Rotherham, Chesterfield and Worksop. Simply submit an Enquiry with your room dimensions and Postcode.

Useful Flooring Calculator

Ready to check how many packs you need? You can use our easy to use Calculator! You can add rooms to assist you in picking the correct quantity.
In our calculator, we have allowed 10% for wastage and offcuts.

Each Flooring Pack Contains 9 Planks and Provides 2m².
6 Pack minimum order. 

You can view our Data Sheet for more information on this product and to have a look at your colours.

Our ‘How to Video’ will also assist you with the install!

Installation & Delivery

SPC-LUX Insulated Flooring Kit is a stocked item, and we can deliver next day if ordered before 2pm. You also have the facility to select your delivery day! (Working days only)

If you have any queries at all or would like a quote for the installation, just Get in Touch by submitting an enquiry HERE

expand_circle_down How-To Videos

How To Install the SPC-Lux Flooring Kit

Installing the SPC-Lux Flooring System is easy by following this brief video. Reduces energy bills in just 9mm depth. Why choose inferior products such as Laminate and LVT again?

SPC-Lux Insulated Flooring Kit - Reduce Energy Bills In Just 9mm!

The future of flooring, now available to the UK! Why use inferior products such as Laminate and LVT again?

expand_circle_down How-To Guides

SPC-Lux Flooring Installation Guide

  1. Measure the area of the room

    Once EcoTec FloorFoam is installed use a tape measure to measure the the total area of he room, You should measure the width and length.

  2. Where to start installing SPC-Lux Flooring

    You should begin laying SPC-Lux Flooring in theback corner of the room. We recommend starting will a fullboard and cut the final piece of the run down to size. This will create a scattered pattern.

  3. How to cut SPC-Lux Flooring

    We have provided a Set Square and Knife with the SPC-Lux Flooring Kit to ensure you create a perfect straight edge. Score a straight line with the Knife and Set Square then you can simply snap the board. Installation Tip: Do not cut a board directly on top of a board that has already been laid, you can risk scraping it. You can cut it in another area of the room or use an unused board as a base to work on.

  4. What is the UNILINC Locking System?

    SPC-Lux Flooring boards have been designed with the UNILINC Locking System that simply click together. You can feel the boards click into place this makes installation much easier.

  5. Mallet and Tapping Block

    Your kit also includea a Mallet and Tapping Block to ensure each board us secure. The Maller is rubber and will not damage the SPC-Lux Flooring

  6. How to fit SPC-Lux around corners

    There is a Profile Gauge in the kit, this replicates shapes of doorways and other tricky shapes. This will allow you to replicate the same shape on the SPC-Lux Flooring. You simply push the Gauge against the shape you're wanting to recreate and mark the shape on the flooring board. This shape can be cut using a jigsaw.

  7. Pull Bar

    When you get to the edge of the room you can use the Pull Bar to ensure the flooring is secure and the the UNILINC System is in place. You can go all around the perimeter of the room using the Pull Bar in conjunction with the Mallet.

  8. How to fit SPC-Lux around radiator pipes

    If you're fitting SPC-Lux Flooring around radiator pipes use the Profile Gauge and push it against the radiator until halfway and draw this shape on the end of a board. Do the same with the board placed on the other side of the radiator pipe. Use the jigsaw to cut the shape out and slot each piece of the flooring around the pipe and it should slot into place. You can finish this off with pipe covers.

How to Insulate Above a Timber Floor

  1. Roll out the EcoTec Floor Foam

    Roll the EcoTec Floor Foam out on to your timber floor. This can be rolled either vertically or horizontally, whatever your preference is!

  2. Cut the EcoTec Floor Foam

    You can then cut the EcoTec Floor Foam, when you arrive at the end of your run. You can either with our Multifoil Scissors or a Cutting Knife (both of these products are included in our Multifoil Fitting Kit). Keep insulating in strips until the full floor area you wish to insulate is covered. You can also make little cuts where the radiator pipes etc. are if required - just try and ensure you have a continous layer where possible.

  3. Staple the EcoTec Floor Foam

    Once cut to size, you can then Staple EcoTec FloorFoam on your timber floor, we advising leaving around a 30cm gap between each staple to ensure the material is secure.

  4. Tape with the Thermaseal Foil Joining Tape

    Ensure FloorFoam Insulation is butt jointed together by this we mean, so not overlap so you have a double layer at any point. Then, use the Thermaseal Foil Joining Tape, that is provided alongside the EcoTec Floor Foam, to seal all around the edges (peremiter) and the joints. The Thermaseal Foil Joining Tape used to do this is provided within the kit. Taping and sealing ensures no draught or moisture can rise up through the floor.

  5. Install Desired Flooring

    Finally, once installed and fully taped and sealed and secure - you can now proceed to install your desired flooring. If carpet is installed, the use of an underlay is advised prior to the carpet. Laminate or wood floors can be installed directly on top of FloorFoam. If a vinyl or lino is being used, we would advise the use of a plywood over the top of the FloorFoam.

How to Insulate a Concrete Floor

  1. Rolling out FloorFoam

    Start by rolling out FloorFoam Insulation either vertically or horizontally on the concrete floor. EcoTec FloorFoam can then easily be cut by using Multifoil Scissors or a Cutting Knife - Both available in our Fitting Kit.

  2. Fixing Down FloorFoam

    FloorFoam is fixed onto concrete floors by using Thermaseal Double Sided Tape, or Non-Solvent Glue. Ensure FloorFoam Insulation is fully taped and sealed on butt joints on the floor. Also tape FloorFoam around the perimeter.(Thermaseal Foil Tape is provided free of charge in kit). Taping and sealing ensures no draught or moisture can rise up through the floor.

  3. Install Preferred Final Flooring

    Once your concrete floor has been covered with FloorFoam, next you can install your desired flooring. Wood & laminate flooring can be installed directly on top of FloorFoam. We recommend to use a carpet underlay prior to a carpet being installed. If a vinyl or lino is being used, we would advise the use of a plywood over the top of the FloorFoam.

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expand_circle_down Specification
Thickness 5mm
Pack Size2m2
Product TypeStone Polymer Composite
GrooveV Groove
Size Per Plank5mm x 1220mm x 182mm
Planks Per Box9
Residential Warranty (Years)35
Residential Warranty (Years)15
100% Waterproof?Yes
Slip resistance?EN13893
expand_circle_down Q&As

What is SPC Flooring?

SPC Flooring is Stone Polymer Composite. It is changing the future of flooring. Our SPC is predominantly limestone and is a hard wearing compound. Its multi layer construction includes a UV Coating, a Transparent Wear Layer a Decorative Film Layer and a Core Layer.

Where can I Install SPC Flooring?

It's versatile, so it can be installed in any room in your home or commercial premises.

Is SPC better than Laminate?

Laminate is made from MDF and is generally thicker however is not as sturdy as SPC. In addition, SPC is 100% waterproof, and some laminates are water resistance, but not waterproof.

Is SPC Pet Friendly?

Our SPC can be enjoyed by you and your pets. It is super scratch resistant and also indentation resistant too.

What happens if I accidentally drop chemicals?

The double UV coating that is built in provides the SPC with high resistance. This means you can grab a wet mop and wipe any accidental common stains away.

How environmentally friendly is SPC?

SPC is 100% Recyclable - it is made up of virgin polyvinyl chloride and natural limestone powder - both materials are very sustainable and can be recycled.

Will the Flooring be OK with direct sunlight?

Yes - it has a double UV Coating which provides resistance from direct sunlight, which will protect against fading.

What is the best method to insulate on a concrete floor?

We would recommend fixing the FloorFoam down with Thermaseal Double Sided Tape. You can then proceed with your choice of flooring over the top of the FloorFoam.

What is the best way to cut FloorFoam?

We would recommend cutting FloorFoam with either Multifoil Scissors or a Cutting Knife. Both are available in our Multifoil Fitting Kit.

expand_circle_down Data Sheets

How To Video

Size Calculator

Instantly find out how much flooring you require for your project! Enter your room dimensions. Room Dimensions
+ Add another room's dimensions

Area to be Covered: m2

Packs Required (2m2 Each):

Please note we account for 10% wasteage in the calculation.

Key Features

  • Anti-Slip textured surface
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Choose from 6 Stunning Colours
  • Pet Friendly
  • Fire Retardant
  • 100% Recyclable
  • Suitable with EcoTec FloorFoam
  • Stable under all temperatures
  • Authentic Real Wood Look
  • 35 Years Residential Warranty
  • 15 Years Light Commercial Warranty
  • No Toxins or Gasses Emitted
  • 100% Compatible with Underfloor Heating Systems
  • Free Delivery to anywhere in the UK Mainland
  • Installation Service Available (Midlands) Enquire Logo